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Birthdate:Nov 21
Location:Wellington, New Zealand
Hey there *waving*,

So, I haven't updated my profile in forever, but figured with this secret santa thing I'm doing that it might be helpful, as I'm pretty sure I'm only friends with 2 of the other participants so the odds of getting someone who actually knows me are really slim! Plus its nice to have an up to date profile right ;)

So...I'm living in Wellington, New Zealand. I have a degree in teaching and arts (the history kind, not the painting kind), I really enjoy writing, and travelling - actually I just looked at my lj logged out and the majority of the unlocked stuff is about travel!

My favourite singers are Sister Hazel, Jack Johnson, and pretty much anything my sister, Alex, and friend, Michael recommends!

I really like to laugh and smile, and am generally known as a happy person (but thats cos a lot of my friends only see me at happy times like bookcrossing conventions!) Oh yeah I LOVE bookcrossing! Heh, can't believe it took so long to get that down - most of my lj friends (actually I think they all are apart from the lovely Veronica Webber and QCjeph who is a really talented webcomic artist who's stuff can be found here) are from BookCrossing.

My favourite genre of books (ok genres) are childrens (especially Michael Morpurgo), teens, good love stories (The Time Travellers Wife), funny stuff (Bill Bryson - mostly - but not 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' for some reason!), crime (I'm obsessed with J.D. Robb right now, but love other kind too) - but nothing too gory please (if someone is having their hands nail gunned to the floor and has to wrench them free it's too much gore - and yes that does actually happen in a book I've read!). I also am really getting in to Neil Gaiman! Not a huge fan of Twilight (but I did read the first book so I could say I did!)...

I really do love to travel - I just came home from a 5 month kind of holiday in the grand ole' USA where I worked for 10 weeks in a Girl Scout camp in Virginia and had an awesome time (that's how I know Veronica) and then travelled around America...good times!

I wanted to add 'phrases that mean different things in different countries' to my interests but it wouldn't let me cos it has more than 50 characters and 4 words :( But I am interested in it ;)
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